(Please note all work on this page is in process and not for wide distribution.)

A Private Performance in Public (in Parallel and Infinite Acts)

A Private Performance in Public (in Parallel and Infinite Acts) is a series of self portraits anonymously made through strangers’ Instagram accounts when we have shared space and time together and they have posted a photo of me online. Images are made in public and I never interact with the account holder. They are made by a combination of performance, being hyper aware of my surroundings, and deep internet sleuthing. They speak to our yearning for assertions of self, connections between performance and surveillance, and life’s digital entanglements.

Ascension in 7 Parts

Five channel video installation, 9:15 min

Stairway to Heaven is the most performed, covered, and tutorialized song online. Thousands of people have all planted their flag into the same ground, these performances are a merging of the private and the communal. They are at once personal and unique, as well as belonging to the wider zeitgeist. While they exist as their own sovereign units, they can’t be fully realized until joined with a full set of performers.

If A Private Performance in Public is an assertion of the self, then Ascension in 7 Parts speaks to the transcendence of when the I becomes a We.


I was born in a small town in Rural Kentucky, but my family moved us all to California when I was one. I’ve always wondered what my life would have looked like had we not moved. What happens when a variable in life changes? Emigrant explores ideas around youth, masculinity, identity, and plays with slippage between fiction and nonfiction, parallel histories, and narrative.

19 Moments in Continuum

Single channel video, 2:33 min.

Oratorios in Tandem

Single channel video, 2:53.

Gentle Baby. Cody. Rocky 30 yrs Christmas 93…

Consisting of discarded found photos, and a deconstructed paper shredder, Gentle Baby. Cody. Rocky 30 yrs Christmas 93… asks viewers to assess their relationship to images, memory, finality, and viewership.
When interacting with the piece viewers have expressed it conjuring everything from issues of collective memory, collective responsibility, how we ascribe value and loss, violence, catharsis, etc. These feelings change and fluctuate as viewers interact with the piece.